Home Automation, Smart Home Technologhy

Cleverhouse home automation can deliver intuitive user friendly home control for anyone.

Using the latest products Cleverhouse integrate smart home control of your house including everything from lighting systems to home cinema, from blind and curtain control to home security.

So Cleverhouse can set up complete control from your iPad, allowing you to control your lights, curtains, heating, AV equipment even turn on your coffee machine. Or if you prefer a traditional remote control, giving you simple user friendly control over your main living space.

Home Automation Lighting Systems, Smart Home Technology

Cleverhouse smart home lighting systems create simple lighting scenes in one room, your entire home and even outdoors via stylish control panels conveniently located in place of traditional light switches or using your smart phone/iPad.

By creating various scenes at the touch of a button to suit your mood the result is simply stunning. Also intuitive programming and home automation features allow your lighting to respond to the conditions around you, e.g. lights come on as the sun goes down or as you enter a room. Come home from work to find your smart home ready to welcome you in and low level lighting when you move around the house at night.

Imagine leaving the home and a touch of a button puts your house into holiday mode leaves your home safe. The lights are programmed to emulate your movements throughout the home in the last few days and play back the scenario when you leave, giving the impression of your home whilst absent. Then when you arrive home the house can welcome you back with a pathway of lighting from your front door to your kitchen. All this and more is possible with Cleverhouse lighting control systems.

Smart Homes - Home Automation Systems Across Scotland

Home automation transforms a standard house into a 'smarthome'. The electrical and mechanical services in the house are controlled centrally via a processor. Your heating, lighting, security and audio visual systems are now fully integrated onto a touchscreen, iPad or smart phone that allow you to change your room environment and then the room entertainment to suit you. At the press of a button you can adjust the temperature of the room, dim the lights and play your favourite piece of music.

A smarthome can be controlled from another location by either a PC or phone. Securely logging in to check CCTV cameras or adjust lighting and climate control can reassure you that your home is safe and functioning as normal when you are away.

Multi-Room Audio from Cleverhouse

The functionality to have the audio distributed evenly throughout the room so that no matter where you sit, you will always experience the full clarity of the music. The ability to have contemporary and semi-concealed output to ensure your sound system does not interfere with your decor. Then sit back and listen to your iPod from any room or tune in to radio stations from around the world.

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