Home Networks/WiFi

The back bone of any modern house is the network, allowing you to make full use of modern technology be it working on a laptop in any room, surfing the web on your iPad/tablet or streaming the iPlayer onto your TV.

We create our cable infrastructure plans, planning hidden positions for wireless access points and remote-control receivers alongside the more obvious wall plate positions for hard-wired equipment. We’ll work closely with your design team throughout the project cycle to ensure that everything that can be hidden is hidden. This might mean locating equipment in ceiling voids, in cabinets or above kitchen cupboards.

Home WiFi/Working From Home

Cleverhouse has worked on lots of projects fixing issues with people’s networks, we will find the best way to remove holes if WiFi signal and cable fixed positions to allow the best coverage. This has become increasingly important with the increase in home working and the need for a fast reliable service.

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